How Reporting Benefits Multi-Shop Auto Repair Businesses

How Reporting Benefits Multi-Shop Auto Repair Businesses  

Running a multi-shop auto repair business effectively means maintaining visibility across your entire enterprise.  

To maximize revenue, support growth, and increase efficiency across all locations you need real-time reporting. This technology will help you review data about your business quickly and make the adjustments required to keep everything running smoothly. 

Here are three ways that enterprise level, cloud-based reporting can put your multi-shop business on the path to increased efficiency, profitability, and growth.  

A Seamless Experience Across All Your Locations  

If you run a multi-shop business, repair shop customers will naturally expect that their information is shared across all your locations. But the reality is, many times repair order history is maintained locally at each location, so your service writers may have limited visibility into the history of a vehicle which has been cared for at another location.   

Customers seeking convenience may well choose to move between shop locations within your enterprise, depending on their needs. You do not want to create a situation where a customer brings their vehicle into the location closest to their work, for instance, and there is no shared history with the shop closest to their home.  

With an enterprise-wide cloud reporting system, your service writers can view car repair order history at each store regardless of which store repaired the vehicle.  

The benefits of a seamless and effortless customer experience (CX) can be seen in your bottom line. In fact, PricewaterhouseCoopers suggests there is a 16% price premium on products and services for businesses that get this right. Effortless CX also increased loyalty, which results in the repeat visits that power your multi-shop business’s growth.  

Immediate Insights Into Shop Activity  

Whether you have 2 stores or 100 stores, auto repair shop software with real-time reporting like R.O. Writer can help you manage your entire enterprise.  

For example, being able being able to monitor sales in real time empowers business owners to track all sorts of moving parts and run operations as efficiently as possible, without waiting for overnight data updates to identify trends and roadblocks.  

Global Management Of Inventory, Labor, Job Costs and More  

With the availability of real time data and insights through cloud-based reporting comes many opportunities to manage a multi-shop business as a single, interconnected whole.  

Consider an enterprise with five repair shops and a central office where administrative staff manage payroll, accounting (payables and receivables), and other back-office processes.  

Historically, auto shop management data has been shared between the locations of such an organization through the overnight transfer of data. This means that data on sales, inventory, scheduling and more from each individual store is updated daily, and as a result the data available for review is always a day behind. 

With real-time reporting, changes made at your central office can be communicated to stores immediately. For example, a pricing update can be done centrally and come into effect at your stores almost immediately, without manual work from managers at each shop. Similarly, inventory at all shops can be managed centrally – a real bonus when sourcing parts externally is a challenge.  

Reporting Helps Your Multi-Shop Business Run Smoothly 

When data is shared across your auto repair business in a timely manner, everyone benefits. Customers feel more understood, shop managers can call in resources from other locations to get jobs completed, and there is no lag between your central office and your other locations. And you, the business owner, get the at-a-glance insights you need to fine-tune business operations immediately.  

Given all these advantages, it is no surprise that McKinsey Global Institute discovered that data-driven organizations are 23x more likely to acquire customers, 6x more likely to retain customers, and 19x more likely to be profitable!  

When cloud-based reporting capabilities are integrated with auto repair shop software, the value of both is compounded by providing immediate, actionable insights into shop operations, backed by all the other features you need to keep a multi-shop business running smoothly.   

Make data your competitive advantage! Get a demo of R.O. Writer 3.1 auto shop management software with cloud-based reporting and see how real-time insights can boost profitability and growth across multiple shop locations.