Maximize Your Shop’s Potential With R.O. Writer’s
Feature-Packed Automotive Shop Management Software

With decades of experience in the automotive industry, R.O. Writer makes the most feature-rich shop management software on the market. We have features for every type of auto repair shop, including general automotive repair shops, tire, quick lube, heavy-duty truck, and transmission shops.

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The R.O. Writer Difference

R.O Writer's features are designed by our team with shop owners in mind.

Smart eCat

Search local and supplier inventory, add parts to repair orders and place parts orders in seconds - all from within R.O. Writer.

Mobile Apps

Mobile integration puts total shop management in the palm of your hands. Manage your entire workflow from any device. Text digital vehicle inspections, pictures, videos, and repair orders to your customers.

Smarter Shop Management

R.O. Writer provides smarter shop management with a suite of smart tools designed to work together to streamline your daily workflow from customer intake to checkout. Work faster and smarter every day.

Multi-Store Solutions

Whether you have 2 stores or 100 stores, R.O. Writer can manage your entire enterprise. View sales in real-time at any time on any device.

Features for every aspect of your business

Parts Catalogs

R.O. Writer has direct catalog integrations with the top parts suppliers in the industry. You can locate the parts you need from the supplier catalogs, and post parts to the repair order with just a click. There is no need to rekey data.

Catalog integrations include:

  • ACDelco Connect
  • DST TurboPart
  • Epicor
  • Federated Auto Parts®
  • IMC®
  • Motorcraft® eCounter
  • MyPlace4Parts (Bumper to Bumper & AutoValue)
  • NAPA® PROLink
  • OEConnect® RepairLink℠
  • Transtar® Transend
  • WHI Nexpart™
  • AutoZone
  • Federated
  • Epicor a R.O. Writer auto shop management integration partner
  • repairlink
  • Transtar logo a R.O. Writer auto shop management integration partner
  • whi

Repair Guides

Access repair guides within R.O. Writer

R.O. Writer has built-in repair guide integrations with ALLDATA, Identifix, and Motologic. Launching a guide from the repair order logs you in and selects the proper vehicle for fast access to repair data, specifications, and more.

Track auto repair notes

Service writers and technicians can take notes to justify repairs and communicate better with their customers. Shop owners can review digital vehicle inspections to identify and improve business procedures.

Service Writing

R.O. Writer includes the tools you need to quickly build accurate repair orders such as:

  • Integrated parts supplier catalogs, flat rate guides, and repair guides.
  • R.O. Writer’s exclusive Smart eCat to locate parts from multiple suppliers at one time.
  • Smart Matrix Pricing to automatically ensure your profit margins.
  • Smart Oil and Smart Fluids for oil change and flush jobs.
  • Tire Quote with integrated connections to many popular tire distributors.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • CARFAX QuickVIN to retrieve VIN numbers by only entering the license plate numbers.
  • Margin warning indicators on low margin parts and labor.
  • Optional integrated Caller ID, oil sticker printers, and electronic cash drawers.

Mobile Apps

R.O. Writer DVI Suite puts total shop management in the palm of your hand. DVI (Digital Vehicle Inspection) Suite works with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

With DVI Suite, you can:

  • Start new repair orders from any device.
  • Scan and decode VINs.
  • Perform customized digital vehicle inspections with pictures, videos, and text sent directly to your customer.
  • Communicate with managers, service writers, and technicians.
  • Manage repair order workflow via a drag and drop interface.

Texting and Emailing

Modernize your customer communications

Stay in touch with your customers using text and email, reducing the time it takes you to call and follow up with customers.

Reduce no-shows

Email is integrated with our Marketing feature to send follow-up marketing. A built-in word processor with pre-written email templates is included for the most common email notifications. You can also include an email copy of the repair order.

Impress your customers

You can send text messages with pictures, videos, checklists along with estimates, and repair orders.


Choose from over 120 business reports

R.O. Writer includes over 120 reports for sales, inventory, time tracking, marketing, payables, and receivables tracking.

Create reports for every aspect of your business

Reports can be run for any date range, profit center, or service writer. You can also drill down for detailed analysis.

See your margins immediately

With technician tracking for flat rate labor, actual job time, and clock time, reports calculate efficiency, productivity, and proficiency along with part and labor sales. Detailed reporting will help ensure you are continuing to stay profitable.

Manage your team with ease

A built-in time clock prints employee timecards and reports so you can see how your staff is performing at a glance.

Inventory Management

Automate and manage purchase orders

The Inventory Management feature includes built-in pricing tools to control up to 5 price levels per part. Purchase Orders can be built automatically based on your stocking levels, and then electronically transmitted to your suppliers.

Track returns and cores plus quickly transfer parts between stores

The Inventory Module also includes core tracking from part purchase to core credit return.  Multi-store owners can use the transfer feature to move parts between stores.

See all your inventory in one place

Over 20 built-in reports are included to track low stock, overstock, part usage, part audit trails, and inventory cycle counts. You can also create custom reporting views.

Smarter Shop Management

Modernize how you run your shop

R.O. Writer provides a suite of smart tools to streamline your daily auto repair shop workflow from customer intake to checkout. This suite of tools is exclusive to R.O. Writer.

Smart eCat

Reduce service writing times and improve efficiency with Smart eCat. Check part pricing and availability from up to 10 suppliers instantly, all on the same screen and all at the same time. Then simply click to place your order – all from within R.O. Writer.

Smart eJobs

Smart eJobs allows you to design jobs that include all the parts and labor you need. You can easily move through each step of the job, locating parts from multiple suppliers and flat rate labor times, building your complete repair order.

Smart Matrix Pricing

Maintain and increase your profit margins for parts and labor with Smart Matrix Pricing. Automatically eliminate the “stair-step” effect caused by standard matrixes that hurt profit margins. A tech can build an unlimited number of Smart Matrixes based on the supplier, part type, or job.

Smart eOrder

Simplify your ordering process with Smart eOrder. Order all the parts you need with one click.

Smart Scan

Scan the bar code on the customer’s static cling oil sticker, and Smart Scan automatically creates the oil change ticket for you, including the correct oil and filter.

Smart Oil

Smart Oil automatically selects the right oil viscosity and capacity for the vehicle. Smart Oil also adjusts the sale price if the engine requires additional oil.

Smart Fluids

Smart Fluids makes transmission and coolant flush jobs easy. Smart Fluids automatically selects the right fluid and quantity based on the vehicle requirements.


Track everything in one place

R.O. Writer includes built-in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functionality.

Simplify billing

Accounts Receivable reports track your open accounts, so you can send statements to your customers. Interest charges can automatically be applied to past-due accounts.

Eliminate rekeying data

R.O. Writer offers optional integrations with popular software accounting packages like QuickBooks®.


Digital Vehicle Inspection

What is DVI?

A digital tool for conducting vehicle inspections electronically. DVI allows you to replace clipboards and paper inspection sheets with tablets or smartphones. For customers, this means receiving instant, clean, and clear information on any device about their vehicle’s overall health.


Faster more efficient service writing
  • Eliminate the hassle of pen and paper checklists and go digital so you can easily share and reference inspections.
Quality control
  • Easily see which jobs are a work in progress and which are complete.
  • Ensure techs complete a digital checklist, so no items are missed.
  • Guarantee the customer signs off on work before any work begins directly within the app.
Better customer experience
  • Attach photos and videos for customers to see.
  • Share inspection findings with clients via print, email, or text.
  • Showcase your attention to detail.
  • Add personalized notes for each repair order.
  • Send text updates to customers.
On mobile or laptop
  • Complete inspections entirely within the R.O. Writer app on your tablet or smartphone.
  • As an owner, you can remotely track the progress of a repair at any of your shop locations.


Why R.O. Writer for DVI?

Our built-in DVI Suite allows you to use the DVI tool right within R.O. Writer. There is no need to use two separate systems for inspections and shop management.

Oil Changes

Smart Oil and Smart Fluids allow you to build oil change tickets quickly and accurately.

Smart Oil
  • Smart Oil automatically selects the right oil viscosity and capacity for the vehicle.
  • Maintains your profit margins by automatically increasing the price of oil changes when the vehicle requires additional oil.
Smart Fluids
  • Smart Fluids automatically selects the right fluid and quantity based on the vehicle requirements.
  • Once you’ve completed your Smart Fluids job, easily post it to your repair order.


Quickly identify proper tire size, inventory, availability, and pricing

Tire Quote offers integrated tire fitment to quickly identify the proper tire size, check your on-hand inventory, and show pricing and availability from many popular tire distributors, all on one screen at one time.  Connected suppliers display availability from multiple distribution centers along with tire images and rebates. Staggered fitment options appear automatically if required by the vehicle. 

Find what you need – all from within R.O. Writer

You can sort the available tires by brand, price, cost, and even apply filters to quickly find the tires you need. You can see the tire-only price along with the price of the complete tire mount and balance package in one display.

Better service your customer

Print tire comparison quotes to provide choices for your customer, then convert the quote into a repair order.

  • Fairmount Tire Logo a R.O. Writer auto shop management integration partner
  • Sonsio logo a R.O. Writer auto shop management integration partner
  • USA AutoForce a R.O. Writer auto shop management integration partner
  • TireHub Integration with Shop Management Software

Smart eCat

Reduce service writing times

Check part pricing and availability from up to 10 suppliers instantly, all on the same screen and all at the same time. Simply click to place your order.

Order parts in minutes

Smart eCat displays the part cost, core charge, manufacturer’s suggested list price, and your sell price. Quickly see part images and per car quantity and locate hard-to-find parts with an interchange guide.

Increase your gross profit

Flat rate labor times are included, so you can click to post the labor time to your repair order.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Ensure your customer never misses a service

Integrated service intervals display the vehicle’s factory scheduled maintenance based on time, mileage, and driving conditions. You can view the needed inspections and services for the current mileage and any previous or future mileage to ensure no missed services.


Workflow Management

Smart Status

Stay organized and manage your shop’s entire workflow from within R.O. Writer with Smart Status.

Drag-and-drop workflow

Seamlessly move any job from start to finish.


Easily schedule jobs to fit your shop’s capacity.

Seamless integration

Easily integrate your Smart Status dashboard with R.O. Writer’s shop management software and DVI suite.

Customize your shop’s workflow

Use up to 10 status steps to customize your status list to reflect exactly how your shop works.  

Multi-Store Solutions

Unify your shops

Whether you have 2 stores or 100 stores, R.O. Writer can manage your entire enterprise.

Deliver consistent service

Your service writers can view vehicle repair order history at each store regardless of which store repaired the vehicle.

Manage it all from R.O. Writer

From your office, you can:

  • View sales in real-time on any device.
  • Run enterprise-level reports for all your stores in real-time.
  • Compare performance and track trends to maximize efficiency and profitability.
  • Track payables and send statements to your customers.
  • Manage inventory and build purchase orders.
  • Set part prices, labor rates, and job costs.

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