Driving Auto Repair Shops Forward

What We Do

R.O. Writer is comprehensive auto repair shop software built to help shop owners optimize every aspect of their business, including service writing, invoicing, customer communications, and more. It is the most feature-rich shop management solution on the market.

Our Mission

To give automotive repair shops the trusted business partner they deserve.

Our Story

How we grew into what we are today and what the future has in store for us.

  • 1977

    Founded as a consulting business

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    We began as a consulting company for dealerships. We worked to streamline the service department, identify lost sales opportunities, improve profit margins, and help with bookkeeping.

    One of our Chevrolet dealer customers asked for help with their parts department. After working with their staff, we created a brand-new inventory management software and counter sales system.

    Around the same time, General Motors™ had stopped publishing their price books, creating the need for parts catalog management. We responded by updating the software to manage these new pricing catalogs.

    This ignited the spark to create R.O. Writer!

  • 1990

    Progressive Automotive Systems creates the first version of R.O. Writer

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    The software began as a DOS application, which was a text-based interface. The software’s popularity grew quickly.

    The Windows version came out in 1998. The processes were closely aligned with the real world, unlike other systems of that time.

    Shops were up and running quickly and could add new items and people to the system in real-time. Owners were also introduced to the ‘Work in Progress’ screen for the first time - something no one else at the time was doing.

  • 2001

    Acquired by Midas for shop software

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    Our success didn’t go unnoticed. One of our customers decided it made good business sense, both strategically and operationally, to acquire the company. In 2001, Midas purchased Progressive Automotive Systems and the R.O. Writer product, moving the entire operation to Itasca, IL in 2004.

  • 2012

    TBC Corporation acquires Midas

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    In 2012, TBC Corporation finalized an agreement to purchase Midas International and its subsidiaries, including Progressive Automotive Systems and the R.O. Writer product. Both operations were moved to the West Palm Beach area starting in 2013, and the Itasca, IL offices were closed.

    New management took over Progressive Automotive Systems as an independent line of business. With the support and resources of TBC Corporation, the R.O. Writer team continued to improve the software with a focus on independent shop operators and franchisees.

  • 2021

    R.O. Writer is acquired by Constellation Software

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    In 2021, TBC entrusted R.O. Writer to the Perseus Group, an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. Constellation was chosen for its proven track record and commitment to helping software companies live up to their potential.

    “The acquisition of R.O. Writer represents a platform investment for the Perseus Group in the automotive repair shop software industry,” said Adam Zimmer of the Perseus Group. “We are looking forward to advancing the development of the product to meet the needs of the thousands of retail and Midas customers.”

Meet Our Team

Adam Zimmer


Adam is a seasoned entrepreneur and software executive who founded Arius Software in 1999, which was purchased in 2012. After the takeover, he became the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the newly combined entity, including the R&D teams in Markham, Kitchener, and Vancouver. Currently, Adam oversees several business units as the President of the Gemini portfolio at Perseus Group, Constellation Software Inc.

Rick Stermole

Director of Business Development

Rick has 45 years of experience in the heavy truck and automotive aftermarket. Rick graduated from Ohio Diesel Technical Institute in 1977 and holds several ASE Certifications, including ASE Master Certified Automotive Technician, ASE Master Certified Heavy Duty Truck Technician, and L1 ASE Certified Advanced Engine Performance Specialist. Rick joined R.O. Writer from Midas in 2001 and oversaw the rollout of R.O. Writer to Midas stores. Currently, Rick oversees partner programs and product management. When Rick isn’t working, he spends quality time with his wife, three children, and seven grandchildren. He also enjoys fishing, boating, water skiing, golf, and woodworking.

Keith Tenen

Director of Development

Before joining R.O. Writer, Keith worked for 5 years at TBC, managing their Web and E-Commerce operations. Keith has worked at companies such as NASCAR, Tribune Media, and AOL. Outside of work, Keith enjoys flying and loves billiards, sporting clays, and playing with his dog Gizmo.

Sonia Calcagni

Director of Technical Support

Sonia has 15 years of experience working in fast-paced, high-growth POS software companies, where she drove efficiency and productivity through the implementation of robust KPIs and the development of key business processes. She has grown and led multiple international 24/7 helpdesks creating high-performance & customer-centric cultures with employee retention rates of 96%+, improved quality assurance program scores by 15 points, and drove customer satisfaction from 68% to a peak of 91%. Outside of work, Sonia enjoys spending time with her husband, two grown up kids, and two crazy puppies, along with spending every free moment either reading or watching every murder mystery she can get her hands on.

Thomas Zorbas

Director of Professional Services

Thomas has worked in the software industry for over 25 years implementing and supporting various POS systems across several industries, including retail, hospitality, and automotive. For the last 15 years, Thomas has led global teams with the objective of demonstrating value in every service delivered to customers. As the head of Professional Services at R.O. Writer, Thomas leads the implementation and customer training efforts. His goal is to ensure customers get the most value out of their investment in R.O. Writer.

Nicole Maclauchlan

Director of Marketing

An accomplished B2B SaaS marketer, Nicole is recognized for her ability to drive successful go-to-market strategies, maximize lead generation, and deliver impactful content. With a fervent dedication to elevating businesses to industry pinnacles through category design and behavioral economics, she consistently pushes boundaries. Drawing inspiration from the smallest details, she enhances the customer journey and fosters meaningful connections with target audiences.