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Our experience is GREAT! Customer service is always exceptional, and the product has made our business so much easier to manage.

AWESOME. I recommend this software to everyone, R.O Writer is the way to go. Had a bad experience with Mitchell 1 and would not recommend that to anyone. It does everything a Mechanic Shop needs.

The reports in RO Writer are a great way to drill down into how the business is doing. The scheduler, DVI SUITE, matrix gives us the ability to maximize each repair order.

The BEST SOFTWARE ever! Time is money and money is time! If you want the two working together, go with R.O. Writer.

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How R.O. Writer DVI Suite Drives Shops Forward

All the need-to-have and the nice-to-have features for elevating your shop management

Seamless Service Writing

- Eliminate the hassle of pen and paper checklists and go digital so you can easily share and reference inspections.
- Choose from our recommended default checklists to get you started or create your own.
- Instantly text and e-mail your customer with photos and videos of your inspections' findings and recommendations.
- Improve team communication by allowing managers, service writers, and technicians to message each other within the app.

Improved Quality Control

- Quickly see which jobs are in progress and which are complete. Ensure techs complete the digital checklists, so no items are missed.
- Choose from templated checklists or create custom checklists to fit your shop.
- Guarantee customer approval on all work before any work begins by digitally capturing their signature.

Modernized Customer Communication

- Close the communication gap between the bay and the customer by sending photos and videos to help educate the customer on the recommended services.
- Use two-way texting to easily get in touch with customers. Schedule appointments or send appointment reminder directly from R.O. Writer DVI Suite.
- Add personalized notes to help explain vehicle needs to each customer and overcome objections before they arise.
- With the mobile app, technicians can greet customers car side as soon as they pull into the shop.

Track Progress from Anywhere

- Remotely track the progress of a repair at any of your shop locations by accessing the DVI app on your tablet or smartphone.
- See how many jobs your service writer or technician completed and what your sales are for any given date range.
- Prioritize jobs so you can ensure you are completing critical jobs first and that you aren’t overspending on labor.

Improved Shop Sales

- Sell more jobs by validating the importance of suggested services through detailed notes, photos, and videos.
- Use findings from DVI to recommend future services that bring customers back and use DVI to schedule those appointments.