5 Star Google Reviews: How to Get Them, and Why It Matters So Much

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Today, nearly 90% of people use Google to research local businesses. This means that managing your Google Reviews is perhaps the most important way to market your auto shop. To get started, watch this expert session where R.O. Writer joins forces with Jimmy Lea of The Institute For Automotive Business Excellence for a comprehensive webinar on becoming a Google Review ACE!

Jimmy Lea will show you how to encourage customers to leave reviews, how to turn those customers into your biggest cheerleaders, and how to respond to the occasional bad review and turn the situation around.

Make your way to a coveted spot in the top 3 auto shops showcased by Google for your location.
• Understand why Google Reviews matter so much in the automotive industry.
• Discover how to make happy clients your review champions.
• Master the art of flipping negative reviews to positive wins.

Don’t miss the chance to learn from the pros and level up your online brand. Watch now!


Download the slides, here.