Introducing R.O. Writer Version 3.1 – An Evolution in Auto Repair Shop Management Software

Introducing R.O. Writer Version 3.1 – An Evolution in Auto Repair Shop Management Software

June 13, 2023 — The R.O. Writer team is excited to announce the release of R.O. Writer Version 3.1, not simply a new iteration of our leading auto shop management software, but an evolution. This new version introduces several new features that will immediately impact the way repair shop owners do business and service their customers and a new development that will lead to a transformation of R.O. Writer.


R.O. Writer Version 3.1’s new features include:


Texting Directly from R.O. Writer

Our first new feature in R.O. Writer 3.1 is a big one, and a change that our repair shop customers have been clamoring for. Repair shops can now text their customers directly from the R.O. Writer main window. Shops can text customers repair orders and recommendations, as well as images and even videos of their repairs. Shop owners have been asking for texting because it is the way many people prefer to communicate.


Access to NTW’s New Metro System

R.O. Writer 3.1 introduces full integration with the new NTW Metro Tire Supplier system. National Tire Wholesale (NTW) is one of the largest U.S. tire distributors. Covid disruptions to distribution chains made finding tires more difficult, and some of those effects are still being felt. This new solution from NTW will help shops locate those hard-to-find tires.


Integration with O’Reilly Auto Parts

R.O. Writer 3.1 adds full integration with the extensive O’Reilly online catalog to find and order auto parts, a big win for users of R.O. Writer. O’Reilly Auto Parts® is one of the largest specialty retailers of automotive parts, tools and accessories in the United States and Mexico, with more than 6,000 locations. You can also connect to O’Reilly’s catalog within the R.O. Writer Smart eCat system, our online catalog that gives technicians access to thousands of parts suppliers in one system.


Online Appointment Requests

This new feature integrates R.O. Writer with a repair shop’s website to give customers the ability to send a request for a service appointment online. Customers can request a preferred day and time for their appointment, specify what service is needed, and provide their contact information. When they submit the form, it appears in R.O. Writer for the shop to review and respond.


Transforming R.O. Writer for The Future

With the rollout of Version 3.1 we will also be introducing real-time data synchronization between repair shops and the R.O. Writer cloud database, a major step forward for R.O. Writer and its users. For R.O. Writer customers with multiple repair shops, this is a game changer that will make managing their business considerably easier and more efficient. Currently, data on sales, inventory, scheduling and more from each individual store is updated daily in an overnight transfer from the stores to the customer’s Central Office database. With real-time data synchronization, information will be updated instantly, so repair shop owners will always have an accurate, up-to-date picture of what’s happening in their stores.


With a hybrid cloud solution, the R.O. Writer application and the repair shop’s data sit both in the cloud and on their local computers. This is the best of both worlds for our repair shop clients. They get the speed of a cloud application, and the reliability of having their data backed up in a secure cloud database in the event something happens to their systems or their store. In addition, having the program and data also installed locally means that even if the internet goes down, the repair shops can continue working in R.O. Writer and accessing their customer records. Then, when service is restored, all the data will be synched up again.


Become an Early Adopter of R.O. Writer Version 3.1

With all its new features and improvements, R.O. Writer Version 3.1 shows our commitment to innovation. We are constantly looking to improve our software to meet our customers’ needs by providing superior service while making their repair shops more efficient and more profitable. R.O. Writer has been driving auto repair shops forward for more than 25 years. As this new version shows, we are just getting started!


For current customers, we encourage you to become an early adopter of Version 3.1 right away. In addition to all the benefits of the new version of R.O. Writer, having the latest version allows us to provide the best possible support to customers, as older versions are phased out.


About R.O. Writer

R.O. Writer is a comprehensive auto repair shop software built to help shop owners optimize every aspect of their business, including service writing, invoicing, customer communications, reporting, and more. It is the most feature-rich shop management solution on the market. Contact us today to learn more about how R.O. Writer can help boost your shop’s bottom line.