Release of R.O. Writer DVI Suite Version 2.3

Digital Vehicle Inspection

The team at R.O. Writer is excited to announce the release of version 2.3 of our Digital Vehicle Inspection Suite software. DVI Suite is designed to modernize and streamline the operations of auto repair shops. This Digital Vehicle Inspection software enables your technicians to create digital records of findings and recommendations on a tablet or smartphone and then easily share these findings with customers and other team members. DVI Suite Version 2.3 produces significant new features and enhancements. Watch the video below to view the latest enhancements. 


Review the new features of the latest DVI Suite Release


Workflow Enhancements  

    • Sets job priority with easy drag-and-drop functionality 
    • Tracks which jobs technicians are currently working on and the progress of each job 
    • The progress bar shows actual time vs. labor time  
    • Jobs are flagged when completed  

Checklist Enhancements  

    • New red, yellow, green, or white status filters  
    • Supports pictures, videos, and animations 
    • Includes pictures of the customer’s vehicle and the service writer and technician who are currently working on the job   
    • Improved product design for a more modern look  

Enhanced Customer Communications

    • Text appointments and reminders directly to your customers 
    • Text or email checklists, videos, pictures, and repair orders 
    • Automatically receive text notifications when a customer reads an inspection checklist that was sent to their phone or email 

Read the full release notes here 

How does DVI Suite help auto repair shops?  


R.O. Writer’s Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) app allows you to replace clipboards and paper inspections with tablets and smartphones. Text your technician’s inspection findings and recommendations alongside pictures and videos directly to your customers so your customers feel empowered to make educated decisions quickly.  

    • Improve shop sales and the size of your average repair order by using DVI Suite to educate your customer on the importance of each suggested service through detailed notes, photos, videos, and animations. Use findings from DVI Suite to recommend future services to ensure customer retention.  
    • Create a more seamless service writing process by eliminating the hassle of pen and paper checklists, improve understanding between employees via in-app communication, and gain a birds-eye view into the progress of each job at the shop.   
    • Ensure techs complete all the items on a digital checklist to ensure quality control at your shop. Be certain that each inspection is done to your shop’s standards.  
    • Modernize customer communications with two-way texting, professional-looking inspection reports, and appointment reminders sent directly to your customer’s phone. 


Click here to view more information about R.O. Writer DVI Suite or request a consultation to see how it can work for your shop.