How Auto Shop Accounting Software Supports Your Business

To run an auto repair shop smoothly, you need to keep your books in order. You may have started a business as a sole proprietor with a modest income, tracking expenses through a short-term solution like an Excel or Google spreadsheet. But, as your business grows, invoicing becomes more complex, as does tracking sales tax and preparing for tax time.  

If you are outgrowing your manual approach to auto shop accounting, and are ready to evaluate auto shop accounting software, this blog is for you! We will discuss how to select accounting software, how to get the most out of your software, and how integrating your accounting software with your auto shop management software can simplify your day-to-day work.  

What are the Benefits of Auto Shop Accounting Software? 

As your team and the complexity of your auto shop business grow, accounting software can help you or your office team members keep pace. Some of the processes that this software can assist with include: 

  • Simplifying bookkeeping tasks 
  • Generating invoices 
  • Facilitating tax returns 
  • Tracking business expenses 
  • Organizing and storing receipts 
  • Paying suppliers  
  • Employee payroll 
  • Calculating sales taxes and tracking sales     

Auto-shop fiscal management is not a simple task. It requires you to have solid bookkeeping practices, understand the basics of tax law, and be able to manage your cash flow and understand financial statements. Auto shop accounting software can help ease this considerable load by taking you through common finance-related tasks efficiently, so you spend less time crunching numbers, and more time running your shop.  

How to Choose the Right Accounting Software for your Auto Shop? 

Choosing the right auto shop accounting software requires you to evaluate your business needs, and then compare them to the accounting software that is available to you. It may be tempting to make your decision purely on price point, but the truth is, when you choose software hastily, you can wind up in a situation where your selection does not have the features or functions you need.  

Then, you are faced with a situation where you must replace your accounting software and learn a new system. To avoid this costly and frustrating error, expand your selection criteria by considering the following five questions: 

  1. How efficient is the software at completing the tasks you do most often? 
  2. Does the software offer you the at-a-glance information you need to assess profitability and track expenditures? 
  3. How is the software priced relative to other solutions on the market? 
  4. How user-friendly is the interface? 
  5. How good is the support available for this software? How can you access support, and how long does it take to get a response? 

By taking the time to review your options thoroughly, you can get started on the right foot with auto shop accounting software that meets your current needs and can scale with your business to meet future needs as well. But there’s one more thing to consider when selecting auto shop accounting software, and that’s how well it interfaces with the other software you rely on to run your business. 

Integrated Auto Shop Management + Accounting Software 

Integrations are the secret sauce to getting the most out of the software you use at your auto shop business. For example, QuickBooks  integrates with TurboTax, so you can transfer data over at tax time. QuickBooks is also fully integrated with R.O. Writer’s auto shop management software, so you can automatically sync invoices, inventory, and customer information created in R.O. Writer with your accounting software.  

This integration means you or your staff members don’t have to manually re-enter data – a slow, inefficient process that’s also very error-prone. Instead, your shop’s important data is kept up to date across all systems automatically, freeing you and your staff to work on other priorities. To learn more about how R.O. Writer, paired with accounting software, can help streamline your auto shop’s accounting and keep your books in tip-top shape,  book a demo with one of our auto shop experts today. 

R.O. Writer Shop Management Software 

R.O. Writer is a comprehensive auto repair shop software built to help shop owners optimize every aspect of their business. It is the most feature-rich shop management solution on the market, and it is fully integrated with leading auto shop accounting software QuickBooks.