Introducing R.O. Writer Version 3

We are excited to introduce the latest version of R.O. Writer, Version 3. Our team has been working long and hard to make significant product improvements that will help your shop.

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Get More Out of R.O. Writer

Improved Usability

Several new features are now accessible within the main navigation bar or tool bar, making it easier to find what you need. Other features have been redesigned for better ease of use.

Better Customer Service

Version 3 includes a new set of customer reports and the ability to export customer lists for other software programs so you can more easily manage customer data across your business. Coming soon: new appointments will be able to be sent directly from your website to R.O. Writer Version 3.

Enhanced Security

Ensure your data is never lost with scheduled automatic back-ups to a USB drive, Network Drive, FTP Server, or to another computer in your network.

Increased Profitability

You can now lock external part and labor prices to ensure there are no errors in pricing. A simplified timeclock also makes it easier for employees to clock in and out. Less labor and pricing errors mean higher profits at your shop.

New and Improved Features

Version 3 has several new features to improve the management and operations of your shop.

Smart Oil and Flush Jobs

  • Smart Oil: Quickly complete oil change jobs by using Smart Oil to find the recommended oil type, viscosity, capacity, and drain plug torque based on the vehicle. Maintain your profit margin by automatically increasing the price of oil changes when the car requires additional oil.
  • Smart Fluids: Quickly build transmission and coolant flush jobs in seconds.

New Reports

  • Several brand-new reports have been added to Version 3 to help you gain valuable insight into your business. New reports include: declined services report, customer vehicle inspection report, and customer birthday report.
  • The Sales Summary Report payment section has been enhanced to provide easier reconciliation of RO payments, Advanced payments, and AR payments.

Catalog Improvements

  • Get estimates done quickly and accurately by posting parts and labor from a variety of integrated catalogs. Version 3 features improvements to the ALLDATA and MyPlace4Parts catalog integrations and includes a brand new integration with Transtar’s transend catalog.

Features for Multi-Shop Owners

  • Stay organized by easily updating your data from R.O. Writer to Central Office with a one-click option in the main tool bar.
  • Improve data quality by controlling how conflict resolutions are resolved during both manual and automatic data transmissions.

Smart eCat Enhancements

  • Quickly build estimates with the new auto-complete search feature in Smart eCat.
  • Now when you run End of Day on Mondays, your Epicor vehicle listings will automatically update.

Tire Quote

  • Save time by looking up tire parts from multiple tire distributors right within R.O. Writer.
  • Instantly raise profits by trimming all the untracked inventory.
  • Boost sales by taking advantage of distributor rebates.
Coming Soon

Online Appointments

  • Save time and reduce phone calls, by automatically syncing online appointments to R.O. Writer’s scheduler. If a customer is not already in the system, a new customer record will be automatically created.

Printing Improvements

  • Print oil change reminder static cling stickers with an expanded list of printer brands and label sizes, giving you flexibility in your printing needs.
  • For DVI Suite, you can now print barcodes on your oil change reminder static cling stickers. When the vehicle returns, simply scan the bar code to build your oil change ticket.
  • Work Orders now include the Vehicle fleet and unit numbers.
How to Upgrade

How to Upgrade

If you are running on R.O. Writer Gen 2 or higher, you will be able to upgrade your shop following the instructions below. If you are running on an older version of R.O. Writer, please fill out the form, and a member of our team will assist you.

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